Anthill Platform

An open source back-end platform for games that solves the online problem.

  • Self-hosted. You have full control over the system. That makes it cheaper to maintain and a lot easier to modify.
  • Open Source. Under MIT License, actively maintained, with no black box stuff inside.
  • Scalable. Each service is easily scalable since the whole system works like an anthill itself: add more workers into it and they will do the job.
  • Easy to customise. It can hold any type of game, because it’s designed to be as much abstract as possible. The way it acts is completely up to the game.
  • Unified. Each service follows standards so its behaviour is predictable. Implement few interfaces and your new service is ready to be plugged in!
  • A platform. Not just a complete solution, it’s a platform. If there is no service that meets your exact requirements, you can easily create a new one!


It also comes with game client runtimes for various programming languages for quick start. They allow to interact with services and handle most of core tasks under the hood.

Please refer to Runtimes for additional information.


Please see Installation for a simple instruction on how to install Anthill Platform on a Linux machine.

If you’d like to test it out on Windows or Mac Os X, please see Development.

Core Services List

Service Description Source Code
Environment Service Define a set of environments and dynamically assign each game version to any of those Source Code
Discovery Service Discover each service location dynamically by it’s ID Source Code
Login Service Login using any kind of credential (like google or facebook), or your own Source Code
Profile Service Manages user profiles, plain JSON objects, completely defined by a game Source Code
services/social Social interactions (social network’s friend list etc) Source Code
services/config Delivers dynamic configuration to the user using handy schema editor Source Code
services/leaderboard Competes users around by anything Source Code
Exec Service Server-side game-depended javascript code execution (validation and so on) Source Code
services/event Time-Limited events service Source Code
services/common A shared library with common functionality for each service Source Code
services/admin Manage every service using a web browser Source Code
services/dlc Downloadable content delivery service Source Code
services/game Matchmaking service, hosts any game server, and matches users around it Source Code
services/message Delivers messages from anything to anything, realtime Source Code
services/store Monetization service Source Code
services/promo Promo codes service Source Code
services/static Simple static files hosting service (for players to upload) Source Code
Report Service Service for players to post reports to the service Source Code