Upload a Report

Uploads a report to the service. Once done, can be viewed in admin-tool.

← Request

POST /upload/<application-name>/<application-version>
Argument Description
application-name See Application Name
application-version See Application Version
message A simple title that describes report as whole. That could be an exception type, for a crash report, or user name, for user reports.
category A category for report, can be used to filter reports by category.
format Can be one of these: binary, text, json.
info (Optional) A JSON object with additional information about the report, for example, username, OS version etc, can be used to filter reports by these.

Please note that report_upload scope is required for this request.

→ Response

In case of success, a report ID is returned:

    "id": 12345
Response Code Description
200 OK Everything went OK, report ID follows.
429 Too Many Requests A rate limit for the reports upload has been exceeded for this user.