Profile Service

A service designed to store player profiles – special objects to account progress of the Player inside of the game, and to sync it remotely from anywhere.

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User Profile

User Profile is a JSON Profile Object that applied to store Player’s data on the server backend. It can be altered concurrently, or as a whole JSON object, depending on your requirements.

Transaction Instead of Dump

A good practice to manage User Profile would be to update it in “transactional style” instead of dumping as is.

For example, say you have this profile object:

    "a": 10,
    "b": 15,
    "c": 100

Once you have tracked the field c has increased it’s value by 20 and you would like to store that, instead of dumping the whole object, use the Profile Object magic:

    "c": {
        "@func": "++",
        "@value": 20

The other fields will be left unchanged, and the field c will be incremented by 20. The result of the increment will be returned, so the server that made the request can update the changed accordingly.

That way, if several parties might alter the profile at the same time, you can ensure that no changes can be lost ever.

Profile Access

Profile service has a system to define access levels to some fields of User Profile in the admin-tool, per Gamespace.


  1. The access levels might be applied only to the root fields of the User Profile.
  2. Same field might be listed in multiple access lists, thus getting mixed results.

Public Fields

Fields, listed in this list, will have public access, meaning other users would be able to read these fields. Fields, not listed in this list, will not be accessible to other users.


Other users would not be able to receive certain fields from a User Profile, unless they are listed here.

Private Fields

Fields, listed in this list will be listed and updated only with profile_private Scope, meaning there might be fields that only the server has access to.

Protected Fields

Fields, listed in this list can be listed to the player only, but even the player cannot change it. Like with Private Fields, the profile_private Scope is required to change this field.